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Ethiopia Gorbota Suka (12 oz. Bag)

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Origin: Ethiopia
Region: Yirgacheffe
Farm/Co-op: Gortoba Suka
Variety: Various heirloom Ethiopian varietals
Altitude: 1937-1950 meters
Process: Natural

Tasting Notes: Full body, smooth, dark chocolate, stone fruit

Story: My dark roasted Ethiopian coffees are crowd favorites. When I received two new Ethiopians, I had to decide which would be best fitting for a. darker roast. While both would be great, I chose the Gorbota Suka.

At a dark roast this coffee has a full body with a rich mouthfeel and sweetness that migrates at the front of the tongue with what I referred to as a stone fruit. 

The intention was to create a complex dark roast that was full bodied, rich and smooth, while also possessing a pleasant acidity and sweetness. This coffee does exactly that.

This coffee is great for all brewing methods and would recommend it in a chemex or pour over brewer, where you can get more clarity and flavor.

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