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What is Cold Roman Espresso? 
Cold Roman is a fresh brewed, Italian inspired, ready-to-serve espresso, that drinks like a dessert. Sweetened with a touch of raw sugar and infused with our "cuore di caffe" flavor, it boasts a flavor that's bold, rich, smooth, and refreshing!

Is Cold Roman cold brewed?
No. Each bottle contains 16 shots/servings of our special espresso.

What's the difference between cold brew and Cold Roman?
Cold brew is an immersion brewing method, similar to that of a french press, where you take course ground coffee, steep it cold water for a period of 12-24 hours, before straining out the grounds. It's simple, passive, and you can prepare it easily at home for a fraction of the cost of purchasing it in the store.

While Cold Roman is a hot brewed espresso, brewed by hand, and then double filtered, to remove all the sediment, resulting in a more refined drinking experience. Before being bottled, the espresso is then infused and sweetened with a touch of raw sugar.

Our blend, methodology, and infusion are all part of our family secret, keeping that one of a kind taste exclusive to Cold Roman.

How many servings does one bottle make? 
Each bottle can make 16 servings (16 shots). As a rule of thumb, 2 shots is equal to 1 cup of  coffee.

Can I heat Cold Roman?
Cold Roman can be served both hot and cold. While we prefer serving it cold to preserve it's flavor, when serving hot, we suggest adding Cold Roman to your choice of dairy before heating. If only want the espresso, simply microwave 1 oz. for approximately 10 secs.

How do you suggest preparing to get the best drinking experience? 
As a first time user, we suggest experiencing Cold Roman using the "Classic Macchiato" recipe on our website. When prepared with half & half, the body and flavor is divine!

1) Pour 2 oz. of Cold Roman over ice. 
2) Top with frothed half & half by shaking vigorously (roughly 1oz or 1/3 of the beverage). 
3) Activate by mixing both ingredients and ENJOY!
Feel free to substitute half & half for your preferred choice of creamer. You can also visit our youtube page to see first experiences (

How much caffeine is in a serving of Cold Roman?
As an espresso, each serving (2 shots) is the equivalent of a 12 oz. cup of coffee, which contains roughly 120 mg. of caffeine.

How long does Cold Roman Espresso last? 
We pride ourselves on the fact that Cold Roman is a fresh brewed and preservative-free espresso that must be kept refrigerated. Each bottle's "best by" date is marked 2 months out from the date of brewing. It can last longer, but to get the signature Cold Roman taste, we suggest using it by the date listed.

Can you mix Cold Roman with alcohol?
Yes! Simply substitute Cold Roman for any drink calling for espresso or create your own! Be sure to checkout our "Cocktail Recipes" page for some great drinks! Have a great recipe? Email it over. We’d love to try it!

Does Cold Roman contain any major allergens?
No. However, the delicious beverage you’re about to enjoy is produced in an environment where it may have exposure to food allergens.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to send us a message!

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