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"That [Cold Roman] is AMAZING!"

-Laura Prepon, Actress


“Cold Roman, a cold espresso based drink with a secret ingredient that resulted from a mistake, but has people going wild!"

-Jessica Ryan, CTbites


"Jazz up your caffeine routine with refrigerated espresso... prepare when and how you choose—no barista training necessary."

-Serendipity Magazine


"Those of us who know him have had the opportunity to sample his coffees firsthand. They are quite good."

-Chris Preovolos, Stamford Advocate, Lunch Break Chronicles 


Even if he were not in business, Raus would still stand as an authority on coffee.

-Paul Schott, Stamford Advocate


"If coffee could bring us together, the world would be drinking Raus every day."

-Spruce + Styled


"The Cold Roman is the purist’s answer for iced coffee."

-Amy Kundrat, CTbites

Experience The World of Coffee

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