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Cold Roman

"The Espresso That Started a Revolution."

Introducing Cold Roman, a delicious Italian inspired espresso sips like a dessert. Sweetened with a touch of raw sugar and our "cuore di caffe" infusion, Cold Roman boasts a one of a kind flavor thats smooth, bold, rich, and refreshing. To prepare, simply shake, pour and serve.

The Story of Cold Roman

In 2010, the first year I stepped out, I was invited to friend's daughter's birthday, but rather than bring a gift, I asked to make something for her guest to enjoy.

Inspired by my frequent trips to Italy, I sought to make a special espresso granita, infused with flavors I experienced during my travels. That day I arrived to the party early to start the freezing process. Hours later the espresso still hadn't froze. Ready to discard it, her husband suggested enjoying it as an iced espresso. Topped with a little half & half, the party guest went crazy for it!

Encouraged by this, I decided to try it out at one of the local farmer's markets, but there was a problem... I never wrote down the recipe. After 3 weeks of testing, bringing samples to the people who tried it first, I finally nailed it and introduced it to the Westport Farmer's Market. It was an instant hit!

With lines of people at my booth, eager to get their hands on a Cold Roman, a woman came by with an empty bottle, asking that I fill it up so that she could enjoy it all week. Onlookers quickly caught on and week after week, more and more people brought empty bottles to fill. It was at that point that I realized I had something special. Shortly after I started bottling my special espresso for all to enjoy...

Italian Culture 

One of the things I admire most about the Italian people and their coffee ritual, is their willingness to press pause on life, taking the time, even if only for a few seconds, to connect with their friends, before zipping down their espresso and going on their way.

In the rushed, fast pace world we live in, Cold Roman was made to inspire those moments, because sometimes we need a little reminder to just stop and be, for  this moment is all we have. 


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