Laos Koran (12 oz. Bag)

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Origin: Laos
Region: Bolaven Plateau
Farm: -
Variety: Various
Altitude: 1200-1500 meters
Process: Natural
Certification: Rainforest Alliance, Grade 1

Tasting Notes: Full bodied and smooth. Hints of cherry and raisin, with a sweet/savory syrah-like finish.

When I first cupped this coffee, I knew I had to add it to my lineup. As a light roast, it displayed savory notes that most people wouldn't find pleasant. However, if you know anything about roasting coffee, you know that what you see isn't what you get. Said differently, coffee flavor transforms depending on how the coffee is developed, as well as, the degree of roast (how dark you take it). As a result, you must have the foresight to see what that final cup will taste like. This coffee displays an awesome body, flavor notes similar to a syrah wine, a syrupy body, and notes of dark cherry and raisin. After my first roast, I drank 3 cups back to back. That counts for something...

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