Ethiopia Misty Valley Light (12 oz. bag)

Ethiopia Misty Valley Light (12 oz. bag)

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Origin: Ethiopia
Region: Yirgacheffe
Farm: Various smallholders
Variety: Various heirloom Ethiopian varietals
Altitude: N/A
Process: Natural
Roast Degree: Light 

Tasting Notes: Light bodied and sweet, with notes of apricot and candied lemon. Sweet.

Story: I was never a fan of light roasts, mainly because they often displayed a harsh, mouth puckering acidity. After much testing and a coupe of modifications on my roaster, I realized that I could product a light roasted coffee that was nuanced and sweet, while still taming the acidity. This coffee is the result of my trials. 

This is the first of my light roast, but definitely not the last.

Never say never...