Ethiopia Adame Gortoba 12 oz. Bag

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Origin: Ethiopia
Region: Yirgacheffe
Farm/Co-op: Gertoba Suki
Variety: Various heirloom Ethiopian varietals
Altitude: 1937-1950 meters
Process: Natural

Tasting Notes: Medium body, black tea, peach

Story: On my way to the importer to pick up Brazilian coffee for my espresso base, I decided to pop into the trading office to say hello to my representative. Upon entering, I saw that there were fresh Kenyan and Ethiopian coffees on the cupping table waiting to be sampled. Believing divine intervention and that the coffee Gods were speaking to me, I asked if I could join in. The Adame Gortoba didn't stand out at first.... On my way out I made one last pass through the cupping table only to find that the coffee had opened up to display notes of black tea and peach. So I did what any coffee roaster would do, I brewed a pour over (number 5 of the day) and added it to the Raus Collection.