Ethiopia Kochere Co-op (12 oz. Bag)

Ethiopia Kochere Co-op (12 oz. Bag)

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Origin: Ethiopia
Region: Chelelektu, Yirgacheffe region
Farm: 600 smallholder farms
Variety: Various heirloom Ethiopian varietals
Altitude: 1850-2000 meters
Process: Washed

Tasting Notes: Medium body with notes of nuts and tangerine

Story: Normally, when purchasing a Yirgacheffe, I would go lean towards coffees that broke the traditional mold of what Yirgacheffe "should be". That was until I cupped The Kochere. Of all the coffees on the cupping table, the Kochere stood out as being cleanest and sweetest cup, with distinct aroma of tangerine.  

Sometimes you have to go with what works.