Brazil Rancho Dantas (12 oz. bag)

Brazil Rancho Dantas (12 oz. bag)

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Origin: Brazil
Region: Espirito Santo
Farm: Rancho Dantas
Variety: Heritage Varietals
Process: Washed

Tasting Notes: Medium bodied and smooth. Low acidity with notes of chocolate and nuts.

Story: This region is full of Italian farmer's, most of which are related. Originally, these farmers were given the hills, as the lower lands were preferred by the indigenous people. As it turned out, these lands were the most fertile.

In an area mostly known for robusta, comes a diamond in the ruff. One thing you don't see often is a washed Brazil coffee, such as this one. The reason being that this particular area is covered with clouds and is damp. As a result, the coffee behaves less like a coffee grown at lower elevations and more like a hard been coffee from high up.

Sometimes you find what you're looking for in the least likely of places.