Colombia El Bombo (12 oz. Bag)

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Origin: Colombia
Region: Buesaco, Arboleda, & Berruecos
Farm/Co-Op: El Bombo
Variety: Various
Altitude: 1600+ meters
Process: Washed
Certification: Organic

Tasting Notes: A full-medium bodied and sweet, with notes of rhubarb and cherry

Since Covid happened, it had become increasingly difficult to find good coffees. Sample after sample, I would reject. It seemed ever ending. After receiving the freshest new arrivals, I cupped them and the Colombia El Bombo jumped out.

What caught my interested about this coffee was its big body and subtle acidity, which is exactly what my drinkers want and look for. WIth out a second thought, I added it to my coffee line up. 

Lesson: Seek and ye shall find.