Letting Go

We all have expectations for our lives as to how things “should” be and “should” turnout, so much so, that when things don’t go according to plan, it becomes a major source of stress.

This has definitely been a reoccurring theme in my life. I was spending a lot of my time in stress, because I expected things to be different than the way they were or turned out. This was evident in the expectations I had for others, for myself, as well as, the aspirations I had for my business. 

While I agree it is healthy to have expectations, as they give us something to reach for, it is stupid when we have them for things beyond our control, which is why it is extremely important to check in to see if our expectations are first, something we can control, and secondly, whether or not they're realistic. 

This rung true with regard to my expectations of others. I aim to treat everyone the way I would like to be treated. With that purpose that came the expectation that others should follow the same suit. This was definitely is not the case... 

One of the things that makes life so colorful is the fact that we are all so unique and different. Coming to terms with the fact that I couldn't control anyone relieved a lot of stress from my life, because it forced me to accept people as they are. 

As for my business, I had a very unrealistic set of expectations. I expected building a business to be easy, that "everyone" was going to love my product, and that I had all the skills today to grow and expand my business. If any of you are business owners, you'll quickly see the fault in my thinking. 

Growing a business takes an extreme amount of effort, your product won't be everyone's cup of coffee, and it is constant growth. It's that growth that can make owning your own business one of the most fulfilling experiences of your life.

The lessons learned:

  1. Check in with yourself to see whether or not you're trying to control something you can't.
  2. Check in ask yourself whether or not your expectations are realistic.
  3. Have a goal, but be flexible in its attainment. 

Letting go of the expectations we have for life doesn't mean we can't have a grand picture that we're working towards, but that there might be a different path to reach our final destination. Having a rigid framework as to how things must happen cuts us off from all other possibilities and our lives from allowing the real magic to enter it.

Trust that everything in your life is happening for a reason and that your only responsibility is to find the more empowering meaning and move forward. 

Have an amazing start to your weekend and remember… Take a moment. Enjoy now.


Donny Raus