What is Cold Roman Espresso?

Cold Roman is Raus Coffee’s award winning, signature Ready-to-Serve espresso experience.

How I you make a serving of Raus’ signature Cold Roman?

It’s simple!

1) Shake the bottle of Cold Roman until there’s no espresso visible on the bottom.

2) Fill a short rocks glass with ice.

3) Pour 2 oz. (1 serv.) of Cold Roman.

4) Froth Half & Half or preferred dairy/non-dairy by shaking vigorously. Pour 1 oz. of frothed dairy over Cold Roman.

5) Activate by mixing both ingredients in the glass and ENJOY!

The same directions are also on back of the label. Still need help? Check out the “Cold Roman How-To” video on youtube (www.youtube.com/rauscoffee).

How many cups does one bottle make?

Each bottle makes eight 2 oz. servings.

How long does Cold Roman Espresso last?

We pride ourselves on the fact that Cold Roman is a fresh brewed espresso that must be kept refrigerated (as opposed to coffee from an extract that is shelf stable). Refrigerated, each bottle it will last for two months.

To ensure freshness and preserve that signature Cold Roman taste, each bottle is dated one month from its brew date so that we keep every store stocked with the freshest tasting Cold Roman.

How is Cold Roman brewed?

Created by Donny Raus, Cold Roman is brewed using a proprietary brewing method, blend of coffee, and natural ingredients, which give it its one of a kind taste.

What makes it special?

Cold Roman boasts a unique, one-of-a-kind flavor profile, unlike any other coffee beverage on the market. It’s the only espresso beverage you have to activate before drinking. Lightly sweetened with raw sugar, it features our proprietary-secret blend of coffee and natural ingredients, resulting in a refreshing coffee beverage that is perfect any time of day.

Can you make hot coffee with Cold Roman?

We don’t suggest ever reheating any kind of coffee. Reheating coffee will alters its flavor.

However, if you still want to drink it hot we suggest adding it to heated dairy. To give your hot cup of coffee an extra boost, try adding 1 shot of your preferred Cold Roman espresso to your hot cup of coffee.

Do you make decaf Cold Roman?

Not yet, but it is in the works!

Where do you get your beans?

That’s another secret! To arrive at the signature "Cold Roman" taste, we use a blend of coffees from all around the world, roasted using our own unique roasting style which results in a smooth taste that is never bitter.

Can you mix Cold Roman with alcohol?

Yes! Simply substitute Cold Roman for any drink calling for espresso or create your own! Be sure to checkout our "Cocktail Recipes" page for some great drinks!

Have a great recipe? Email it over. We’d love to try it!

Does Cold Roman contain any major allergens?

No. However, the delicious beverage you’re about to enjoy is produced in an environment where it may have exposure to food allergens.

Our Cold "Roman Kiss" does contain hazelnuts and so if you have any nut allergies, don't fret, just pick up one of the other two bottles of our espresso.

Do you ship?

Not yet, but we will soon!

Cold Roman FAQ


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